Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Husband Is Insane!!!!

My Hubby Paul who you have been well aqainted with is completley nuts! I went to Tesco shopping this afternoon and came home and put away the shopping (worst bit of the whole shop) and opened the freezer to find several frozen snowballs in there...... then Paul came in and revealed all when he saw my face!!! I said "Why?" he explained that the other night when we had a bit of snow and I had gone to bed he decided to get togged up and go outside on the trampaline to collect snowballs to play a trick on his mate ! What he is expecting to do is go to the allotmaent when he is there and throw them on the grass when he is in the shed... he will think giant hailstones have hit his allotment only...Paul likes doing tricks on folk and he will go to some great extremes to get pleasure !! SO when the occasion takes place I shall let you know...the piccy is of my very frosted up freezer when I opened it..i just had to take a pic!!! No wonder I suffer wiv me nerves!!! LOL

PS.. I have the tight chest anxiety back now... when I walk it feels so tight and my throat... need to combat it!!! I really do xxx


Robert said...

Lucky you, having a fun hubby like Paul!

And I think that putting the shopping away is worse than going around the damn supermarket too! However, Marie often helps me to put the stuff away, bless her - but she can't cope with the supermarket :(

Sharon said...

thats funny even andy laughed,as for anxiety its just a blip ,youve been doing really good latley,your be ok,xx

Coffeecup said...

At least he's not planning to throw them at him. Ice really stings when you get hit!

Rachel you'll really benefit from some deep breathing when tight chest things gets you. I guess I'm telling you how to suck eggs but it can be incredibly effective for this particular symptom. I saw a tight rope walker on the News and was amazed to learn that he was able to do this because he conquered his fear by curbing the adrenaline rush with 'deep breathing'. It gave me some hope hearing that. Mind over matter I suppose? xxx

Anonymous said...

It's good that you have got Paul! he will keep you laughing! which is the best drug going! i'm feeling really crap at the moment! there must be something in the air!

Rachel's Diary said...

If you all want a dose of Paul he can be hired out.... he don't know this yet LOL xx thanks all for your

fungalena said...

When u av PA Rache, take one of Pauls lovely theraputic Snowballs and shuv it in ur gob. You wont be able to feel ur mouth and have trouble breathing and swallowing but it WILL take ur mind off ur panic attack - nanites x x x

Dr. F