Friday, 7 March 2008

Too scared to sleep!

Animations - eye-03

Had anoter one last night... not half as bad but it woke me up at 1am (again) and I didn't sleep again till 3am.even heard birds starting!!.... so tonight I am gonna sleep with me window open for cool (freezing lol) air... to try to keep me half alert... hormones are flying allover the place...feel like a bloody teenager! ...well we will see how I go.... done lots of sorting out cupboards etc today so feel beter for that!
Animations - 02barc


Anonymous said...

I am the same Rach! i hate going to bed! i'm really on edge when i go, i have the laptop switched on at my bedside! i had 1 hours sleep one night!xx

Sharon said...

dont be scared to sleep its just a blip and you will get better ,think possitive,xx