Tuesday, 12 February 2008

EEH By GuM ~ ItS CoLd OuT ThEre

Jack frost is sprinkling tonight.... I have got me massive trampoline in my garden and Libby just came in from her freinds and said she had seen a fab shooting star...she looked at me with that look and a smirk... I said "trampoline" ......Quilts and pillows came out so we could go and star gaze..as we love to do this but have been waiting for the oppertunity to do it on the trampoline! We went out side all excited and Lib stood on the tramp' and you should have seen it....all over it was a crazy paving of ice crystals... it was stunning! GOD ISN'T NATURE SO WONDERFUL..... even on something as man made as this! So of course old fuddy duddy said " Oh Lib I can't love ...we'll get pnuemonia !!!! GOD I SOUND MORE LIKE ME MOTHER EVERY DAY!!!! I can hear it echoing!! LOL..... any way we came in but of course lib had to lay for 10 mins and then she bolted in when hyperthermia was just about to set in !

Aint done that much today apart from doing me shopping (local) and being with Sharon at her house, she has also done a blog about her and her hubby as he is on Dialysis, her link is below. Made 6.5 litres of tomatoe soup with them tommys I bought from the car boot...it's stunning, I roasted me toms, well about 100 of them and them put them into the slow cooker with veg stock, 4 carrots,leek, onion, and salt and pepper and a bit of basil...... half will be bulky soup and i'll blitz the other half.... so I will be feeding every visitor tommy soup for 2 days LOL!!!! Does the old bowels good! I assure you!

Anxiety 9.5 / 10 feel great!!!! only 2 or 3 flut flutts!! been quite relaxed!


Simon said...

Oh! superb Rachel. Glad you are feeling so good. Love T. soup BTW ...!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rach! 9.5! thats great stuff! keep it up dude xxx
Oh and you have just made me very hungry! lol
You certainly eat well over there! i don't blame you.
I have not seen a shooting star for years, probably because i hav'nt been looking! lol xxxxx