Thursday, 28 February 2008

Vunerable and insignificant!

You know I can't believe the people who I have spoken to that have been terrified by the tremor! I was scared but I have heard of some peeps going hysterical and it made me wonder about two major points.
1. How the hell do folk cope when thousands are killed by quakes that measure like 8-9 on the scale thingy!

2. After watching some CCTV footage of the quake from a friend today it hit home how venerable we are and how insignificant too... All the big wig people in on earth fighting for power and greed... It would take just one natural disaster to end it all...... In the end NATURE is the winner and in control and it is one big battle between Man and Mother Nature... If Man looked after the earth Mother Nture would look after Man! Simple.

Talking of Mother Nature .. last night I was awoken with a small anxiety session and to calm down I typed "relaxing Music" into you tube and got some really nice music with some lovely visuals, and all to do with nature... sea, brooks,forests,birds,sunsets,beaches etc .... and each picture/photo really pleased me if you know what I mean..with out sounding freaky it is like it touched my soul with the beauty of it all! And I thought WHY do we have this feeling when looking at natural has to be because we are from the earth!
Im ranting arn't I.... sorry... ime for early nan nights LOL!!!!
video below shows a big earthquake...God forbid! you wont believe this footage....


Anonymous said...

wow! they certainly are scary things! it was a really weird sensation that quake we had! i will never forget it!

Coffeecup said...

We're living on a thin crust of rock floating on a ball of fire, with a skin of air around us in the middle of eternity! Oh boy it does make you think. I perfectly understand what you mean about the connection to the Earth. I yearn for nature constantly. My dream is to have a plot of land by the sea to potter on, and I'd be the happiest person alive.

Thanks for the rescue remedy tip. Will be going to my health shop later to see if they have it. If not will order it from your link. Cheers hunny xxx