Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Visitation Stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I come from a very hospitable family, my sister has visitors all day long every day and all my childhood I remember someone being at my Mum and Dad's ...people popping in and out and I am the same ... for instance by 1pm I'd had 9 visitors fed and watered!!!!! I LOVE IT but for some reason today it has stressed me out... I felt a bit panicky this afternoon and had a few flutter attacks ..... but not bad ones! What did I tell you about being scared that things were good!!!

Any how the video is of my experiment yesterday..... this morning when I woke up....NO WORMIES!!!! So I am not going veggie just yet! LOL


Anonymous said...

I would struggle with people coming in the house! it's enough with my father in law! lol
Yeah it's weird when you have felt good for a while, then suddenly out of the blue here comes the bloody anxiety again!!!xxxx

Sharon said...

thats so funny devastated because you didnt get any worms and you went all over to buy that bit of pork.lol cant beleive it ,xx

lisa said...

Shaz told us about your pork did make us laugh i wonder how she did it on youtube!xx