Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Two stubborn swines

Lately me and hubby have been at each other but the trouble is we are both as stobborn as each other and unfortunatly we have also produced another stubborn creature - Libby, so its really not her fault-bless here!!!! This pic is taken when we went on a walk with Neil ages ago and we fell out because we were tired and hungry and Neil always finds us comical when we argue!!! Sometimes we are funny....we can even laugh half way through arguments.....and one thing is we cant stay mad with each other for long!!!!! The thing I find with Paul is when I am poorly with my anxiety he seems to back away from me when I need him the most... I have been getting upset about this but yesterday I realized why this happens.... Paul suffers very bad with his nerves and I suppose when I am not strong who is there for him!?! But sometimes just sometimes I need some support and understanding !!! but all in all we have a good relationship....people actually comment on our closenes and compatibility...we can always find something to talk about but when the old mardy bums comes on this is the scene (above) that we get....LOL ..... although.....I USUALLY WIN!!!!!!!!!

Anxiety 7/10 today!!!!! And yippieeeeeeeee full nights sleep xxxx


Anonymous said...

Another great pic Rach! Anxiety can be a vicious circle and can affect everybody! my wife trys to understand what i am going through at times, but there has been times when shes got fed up with it, i remember having a panic attack once and she just looked at me and tutted! i think its frustration and lack of understanding! never mind! Glad you got a proper nights sleep at last, and 7/10 pretty good!xxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

yep! am here with slight toothache...pain going off now thank god and gonna try to relax and play majhong on comp for a bit!!! hope 2 mo brings at least 9/10 LOL xxxxxxxx

Simon said...

I suppose one thing you might consider is a period of shared reflection in the evening about each others nerves/panics/copings etc., occuring over the day. You may find you share some of the same triggers; you may certainly find you share coping mechanisms but even if you dont, there's something just about chatting and sharing which reinforces and strengthens relationships and bonds. You seem to have an excellent relationship but still consider that it needs lively attention to keep it that way. I love your insight into everything. Your blog makes me chuckle! How ever to you find the time to write so much? Keep it up xxx