Sunday, 3 February 2008

Like to mate!!!!

Apart from the stinking cold weather I have had a better day... last night I woke with me evil Palpitations but not for long..I leant over to the window and opened it for cold air and put me lap top on which is at side of me bed... You know all this jumping in the night ect has actually split me and hubby into seperate rooms, I aint moaning as I do like being in me own bed but we are like hamsters now...cant sleep together so we just meet to mate!!!! LOL !!! Actually it is very celeb to sleep seperate and also very Royal !!!
So today did a stunning diner for me ma and pa who came for din dins , did beef and huge Yorkshire puds made in muffin tins and veg and roast tatties and a cheese sauce...and for pud I gave me little biddies some semolina cos they like that was either that or tapioca (frog spawn) They stayed for a while and I really enjoyed it...I love em coming and looking after them it means alot to me.
Short blog tonight due to tiredness..... so hoping for a good wk and to all my readers and other anxiety sufferers have a good week and I hope we all fight the demon!


Anonymous said...

thats a great pic Rach! i love hamsters! ive been thinking of seperate beds lately, it could be a good idea! i usually end up playing scrabble on my laptop in the middle of the night

Rachel's Diary said...

well I was ending up in the spare room every nite any way so I like it now!!!!

Coffeecup said...

I have no idea why we sleep together in the same bed, I do mean 'sleep'. Guess it's a lack of spare rooms and that keeping warm together thing passed on from olden times when the chickens and the livestock joined us for beddie-bo-bos. It makes sense though because most people end up disturbing one another in the night. Lol, I suppose it depends on the reason though for being woken up? It's not all bad ;-)