Friday, 15 February 2008

Washer smashing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And i dont mean the weather!!!!! .... I came home tonight to find glass covering me kitchen floor and I didnt know where from, I went into Paul who was sat on the sofa with a vacant look.. I asked him what he has smashed in the kitchen...he looks at me with a gormlous expression....."Oh I thought I heard a bang" I asked him what he heard and did he look......couldnt be arsed!!!! Eventualy we both went in and he noticed the washer door had exploded!!!! The only thing I can think of is my trainers had banged against the door and bust it...... I can't believe it...I am absolutly stoney piggin broke at the moment, hand to mouth isn't in it!!! Do you know what I aint stressed about it!! I don't give a flying shiney crap!!!!! Cos these things happen and NO WAY am I letting it get to me.... I will sort it... Apart from that had a great day with ma n pa... fettled up stairs for her today and actually stayed with mum for about 7 hrs which is good for me as after about 3 hrs I get anxious and want to go home.... Anxiety free= 9.3/4 / 10 LOL....nearly 10 eh!!!

So got some ringing about to do tomo to see how much a new door will be!!!! BLESS ME LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ive never had anything happen like that before, thats just bad luck! Never mind Rach stay positive your doing well another good score! xxxx

fungalena said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze...hark at YOU keepin ur PECKER UP ......LOL .... ahhh, its NOT funny Rachel. And after you had spent 700 hours at me mas. Well hopefully your lovely in-laws may be able to help you out ??????????? yay or nay lass/ Hey like the birdies piccy....and ANT YOU BIN BIZZY as well on ur Bloggeroonee. Letme know how fingz go Racheeebaby x x x love ya lots n please ava peeps at my lates entry - Fanks x x x na nite, fungalena balerina x x x

Simon said...

God! That's really odd. I've come across anything like that before! I've heard of dishwashers catching fire (not sure how that one works...) but the doors look so robust. Bet you were gutted! The prospect of all that!