Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Toothache and no dentist

Cant believe it my tooth has started again... When I get toothache I have 2 major obsticles......Dental Phobia and no bloody Dentist to go to as I never keep my appointments cos I am scared!!! Sods law in this country.... Toffy nosed gits can go to one when they like and pay out of thier stuck up noses but working class are left in the gutter with a bottle of clove oil!!!!!! I am hoping this dies off...It sometimes does!

Anxiety levels at max today..... flutters galore..didn't make the bus my dad picked me up, just didn't feel strong enough today...hope 2 mo is better ...nan nights all!!!


Anonymous said...

I think you should rename your blog! Rachels funny pictures! lol
Yeah dentists! what a bloody mess this countrys in! i used to have one then it went private! and all the others are full or crap!
Hope you soon feeling better Rach xxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL... Love laurel and hardy and he looks how i feel lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Laurel and Hardy were great! ive got the full collection on dvd.

fungalena said...

Rache ! OK? lol - morse code.
I typed in THE BIZZARE DIARIES....nowt else and you were 1st out of 217,000 - thats tremendous....Hey, look at this site - its nice...http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/2007/09/diaper-cake-tutorial.html IF ANY OTHER BLOGGERS ARE READING THIS, my sis Rachel is a wasted talent...she can do ALL SORTS! ..........Rachel you know when i think of the DOUGH ART (backtrackin to last night now) well I am drawn to the liddle ole bids that you did. You'll have to do some with some SEMOLINA and a too big spoon ....lol......BYEEEEEEEEEEEE X X X

fungalena said...

Oh I - I 4got - lol - thats ace.....Lol n Hardy.....and look at me foto on me Blog - I told the barbie doll she had to go. Thanks for coming today x x x