Saturday, 2 February 2008

Rueben and his shiney new boots

Well you know I told you about me doggie on the trampaline...well he has been on again!!! I can't believe it he just loves bouncing on it...I swear he was a bloody kangaroo in a former life!!! Well any way I have found the answer.. I can let him on as long as he wears his new shoes I bought is a picture of him in his new shoes...he isn't very keen at the moment and he walks like a pantomime horse in them... but if he is gonna be bouncing there will be conditions!!!
I have had a stressful day as I have been to the dreaded Morrisons..I thought I would take Libby to help me but I wish she had stayed at home as I spent £158.00...... I never pend that much..I do go shopping once a fortnight and usualy spend around £130 but the extra's was her! Bubble bath, hair stuff, VKW, peperami things and so on.....!
My wonderful freind came tonight to see me I aint seen her for a month so it has been ace to see her again...Andrea is my soul mate...we might not see eachother for ages but it's as if we never been apart when we meet...been freinds for about 30 yrs now! WOW Im getting old!
Anyway I read the quote of the week today...are you ready for our nr town of Worksop there was a funeral for a traveller and it was in the local paper that all Worksop stood to a stand still with Police escorts and the lot...when the Guardian interviewed his wife she said "HE WAS A WONDERFUL MAN, A GENERAL DEALER WHO COULD GET ANYBODY ANYTHING THEY WANTED ESPECIALLY ANYTHING TO DO WITH BUILDINGS OR CARPETS" couldnt believe what I was reading! I leave you with that! Speechless!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dealer eh! hmmm!
Your dogs something special Rach! he should be on tv! lol

Rachel's Diary said...

I both!!!! LOL