Thursday, 31 January 2008

A bag of revels, some french fries and a bag of plastic dinosaurs!!!

Earlier this eve I asked hubby to nip to the shop 3 doors away (very handy..too handy!!) and get some treats for us as the wind was howling outside and flecks of snow and very very he came back with a bag of revels,a bag of french fries and a bag of plastic dinosaurs!!!!! Yes I did say dinosaurs...I said WHY??? He said ... wait for it... they were colourful and I thought you would like them...can you believe this nutter!!! He obviously thought it was funny but I just thought what a waste of £1.25! although I did snigger!

I have had a strange day...I feel like Im waiting for snow! I am excited for snow...I love it and if it snows it's somot to take my mind of myself...... My Father came to visit..and fell to sleep!!!! And went home!!!!! So to be honest it has been a boring day today..actualy the more I write this blog the more I feel like the plastic dinosaurs might just come in handy!!! LOL...not really.


Anonymous said...

I think your husbands a legend! what a great idea, i would have been been happy with them dinosaurs! they do look good! lol
And i havent had Revels for years!
Glad your havin fun Rach!
But we dont want any snow! lol xxxx

fungalena said...

Rachel Jamie would LOVE them Dinos. He collects them. Which shop did Paul buy em from? Brian will afta geddim sum when he goes t Langold.

Well it's nearly tomorrow so it's Bets Daughter to the Slaughter innit ...... Worksop

na nite
luvya lots
x x x x

shabba said...

hi rachel ,enjoying your blogs,you could always use dinosaurs to decorate pauls b,cake,lol ,x

fungalena said...

No sign of you tonight. Wots up - making DOUGH ART?
Bets daughter did't get slaughtered...YET...but, someone on my Blog from sign of him/her signing out yet. Might be one of the TOP NOBS from the hierarchy gettin ready to splice me in