Sunday, 27 January 2008

You know that ME day!!!!!!! Just seen a flyin pig!!!!


I just knew it.... when I wanted a ME day...!!!!

Started out fine.. went to my Friends and her son is training to do hair dressing so I asked him to straighten me hair...which is a task as I do have naturally curly hair and lots of it... he did it ( took just over an hour) feel like Pocahontas on steroids but it's a change! ! ! when every morning I usually get up and feel like somot from Greek mythology (Medusa) !

Any way.... I was just chilling, it was about 12pm when me mate got a phone call..her son was playin on his bike ( well messing about) fell off on a spike or somot and literally NEARLY ripped off his knee cap! (SHOWN) he has been in surgery tonight and got to have plastic surgery too. SO ANYWAY......THEN IT BEGAN!!!!! Panic stricken Friend ran out the house to leave her 11 yr old with me till 10.30pm... so for 10 hrs I have been trying to hold myself together for the sake of this family! I really didn't mind it... it was just typical..... anxiety been hideous...tight throat and slow hard thumping heart as If it is going to stop with tension in me chest..........apart from that im ok LOL xxxxxx Tomorrow is another day! Beginning of a new week so fingers crossed.... ! for Us all xxxxx feel like leaving kisses tonight for all the peeps that read my blog daily...Thank you I hope it helps ! It helps me x


Anonymous said...

Nice hair Rach!
Not sure about the other pic, looks nasty!
Its been really nice reading your blog Rach, youve done a really good job, it is kind of reassuring to know that youre always there! going through the same sort of stuff as me! xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

well hun i feel the same with you... its nice int it... xx your blog is great too,,, x peeps are reading them from all over the world! Iam aiming to print the whole diary out at the end of the year and file it...then stat again as a recovered anxiety sufferer! lol xxx

Coffeecup said...

Blurgh! OMG! Nearly fainted flat onto the floor seeing that picture! Poor kid, that is truly horrid, and enough to make anyone panic.
Love your optimistic no nonsense attitude, somehow I have the feeling that you will get your wish Rachel and be panic free before too long.
Great hair by the way, your tousled tresses look lovely, but straight is chic and sleek too. Best wishes, Steph x