Sunday, 13 January 2008


Yesterday whilst having a good old browse through you tube I came across the most inspiring songs I have heard in a very long while... in fact I think it should be number 1 in the charts..... its by a band called "show of hands" and its called "Roots".... the chorus of this song is....SEEDS, BIRDS, FLOWERS, FRUIT NEVER GONNA GROW WITHOUT THEIR ROOTS....PLANT, STEMS , SHOOTS.... THEY NEED ROOTS!..... WE'VE LOST MORE THAN WE'LL EVER KNOW AROUND THE ROCKY SHORES OF ENGLAND!!!!

Have added the link to the song so you can have a listen to the words.

We are loosing this country... it is the working class that are suffering and the country folk.... We have a wonderful village pub in the next village next to us... the pub there is over 200 years old ( the white swan.... also called Mucky duck) closed down .... why?.... new smoking ban!... I mean I don't smoke myself and hate smokey rooms but.. just do what they did in the old days... a smoke room! Easy!.... I feel so sorry for the kids of today...what chance have they got and in this country what individuality do they have..... all dress the same.. use the same language.....same music choice...... same lack of interest! it worries me so much..... I try to instill in my Daughter the importance of knowing her roots and enjoying all aspects of this life.... your here once ..don't be a sheep and run the same way as all the others.... find some security in yourself and go your own way! ! She is doing.... just started picking up the Bohdran ( Irish drum) and getting involved when we have a music bash iN our house. So sorry for ranting but leave me a comment and tell me how you feel!.............. REMEMBER WHERE YOU COME FROM! And pass it on! ps... HAD A SMALL P.A TONIGHT... HAD A SMALL GLASS OF WINE AND GOT ALL HOT AND STARTED TO PANIC...PULSE FAST..COULDNT BREATH...RAN IN KITCHEN..COLD TAP...RESCUE REMEDEY...BREATHED...HEART FLUTTERED UNTIL SETTLED DOWN AND BIG THUMPS ONE AFTER OTHER...ONLY LASTED ABOUT 3 MINS SO REALLY PLEASED WITH MY CONTROL!!!! WHY OH WHY DO I TOUCH ALCOHOL! DONT AGREE WIV ME XXX


Anonymous said...

The government and the police are killing village pubs! the only people that can realisticly go to them are the locals because it's just not worth driving to them because if you have more than one drink you could be potentially in trouble! i know it's for safety but we were ok in the 70s and 80s i used to love driving out to one of the many village pubs when i was younger, and yes the smoking ban! pubs in towns and cities can cope with it!
Glad your feeling good!

Rachel's Diary said...


Coffeecup said...

Hi Rachel, really interested to read your blog, I'm so pleased that you have started it as it's very enjoyable. I'm sorry to learn that you are suffering from panic and sincerely hope that this won't trouble you too much longer. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my links? Best wishes, Steph

Rach x said...

hi coffeecup..... thanks for taking an interest in my litle bloggy! Of course you can add me.. no probs.. do u have a blog i can add ? hope you keep havin a little peek in here! Ill try to keep it intersesting! xxxx

Coffeecup said...

Hi Rachel, of course, just click my name here and it will take you to my profile, and the link to 'The Panic Room' is at the bottom too. I've had panic disorder for eight years, which is a bugger. I'm going to look forward to adding you to my reading list. Keep up the fabulous work! X