Thursday, 24 January 2008

Anxiety back to boiling point!!!!! AGGGGHHH!!!!

Woke up in the night with a short panic attack, it didn't last long but it has upset me... I feel down about it because I keep getting on that road to recovery and them wham! back to the bloody stinkin old start!..... Libby had been a pain in the arse at school yesterday and the teacher gave me a call.. she was wondering around out of lesson... that set me off.. and when she came home she started with us too...HORMONES eh! We ignored her until she was sorry and now everything is fine but it makes things unbalanced in the home when her attitude stinks and when she is a bugger! On the general side she ain't a bad kid, just needs to get over this stage! She has all the support in the world!

Well I was on my own today for a couple of hrs so I baked some macaroons. scones, a lemon cake and some coconut tarts and did a lovely roast dinner with me FREE RANGE! CORN FED CHICKEN!!!! Now then...taste out of 10....was a def' 11...but it had nought on it! it had no breasts! in the human world it would def' be a 32 A! I suppose this is because it wasn't a big fat thing with no exercise! It has been running and playin ball and keeping fit! does more than me (38F cough cough) LOL!!! But it was it goes down to the old saying "its quality not quantity"

Well nan nights for now... hope I sleep...gonna do a little bit of online shopping with Adsa tonight can't cope with a shopping trip from hell this week. By the way... new windows will be going in 2 mo as Monday it rained!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Rach! you sound like me! up and down like a bloody yoyo!!! it really is an evil illness, it's so tough to get better! once it gets hold of you, it's in you, and theres nothing you can do about it! the only consolation is we are not on our own like this! never give up Rach.

take care

Rachel's Diary said...

Thanks babes you really do understand... thanks babes xxxx

Robert said...

It must be the time of year and/or the weather. All the blogs I read are full of bad times. And it's the same in my household!

Better weather - and better times - just can't come soon enough!

fungalena said...

Ayp Rachey Baby - Ur Blogs got legs hasn't it? High in the Ranks while mine is - just well - RANK - lol - Like your boiling kettle. Glad you held on in prayer meeting.
GODS NOT DEAD ...HE IS Ali i i ive Like the JOB thing about the stars - Dont 4get wot I got about Dawn when she died.... " Who is this who appears like the DAWN,fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession "

There must be more people with agoraphobia than fungusses..... Does everyone elses start with the BUS know wot I mean, cant go on a bus...cant be seen in public...etc - Mine is all on my med records...I should have done a blog then - but didnt know how to use a pc.... Nice to see all the fresh stuff going down daily and nice to see you finding the positive in the negative.... love fungalena

Coffeecup said...

Hi Rachel, what is it with night time panics? What's that all about then? They just sneak in there while you're all dreamy and relaxed! My empathies to you. What really sounds familiar is if you get one it kind of hangs around in your memory upsetting you for the rest of the day. I do exactly the same, a fleeting panic can really unbalance me for days after. It doesn't mean that the rest of the stuff is all wrong, I mean look what you cooked up there and what else you dealt with that day! Wow! Credit where it's due, bloody marvellous if you ask me!