Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Even the stars in the sky can sing? WOW!

Well its true... you learn somot new every day !

Today I went to church with my Mother In Law to help her to clean it as she gives every Wed' up to do so ... bless her! Any how I stayed on with her as in the afternoon they have a ladies meeting... I was fine listening to them with their little bible study and praying for their families etc which was nice... and all of a sudden a wave of panic swam over me and my heart started pounding really fast I thought oh no please ...not here in front of all these ladies... so do you know what I did... I sat there and rode it out... I was so proud of my self for not jumping up and going out of control.

The stars sing!
Any how whilst I was there they were talking about new evidence from scientists regarding the stars in the sky ..... do you know they produce radio waves that when recorded they sound like they are singing... but the more amazing thing was that in the bible in the book of talks about the stars singing!.... I think this is great! Job is one of the oldest books of the bible and scientists have just found this out!..... might just blow the dust off me bible and catch up on some reading! seems more up to date than any book ever! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Well done Rach for riding it out! I know for a fact how tough that is to do!
And you want to be proud of yourself!

Take care