Monday, 21 January 2008

What a soggy day!

Rain rain rain....oh did i mention Rain! THE END OF THE WORLD!!
I cant believe it...the rain we have been having! All my allotment is flooded and all in my little cottage on my allotment is flooded out...geese are loving it and so is he is like a little boy when we get lots of rain or snaow!... our house is safe though .. thank the lord! My freind was sat watching tv and all of a sudden water starting seeping through her floor boards! Fire Brigade had to come and pump it out... I swear this world is folding up on its self... well one belief I do have is we as human life might end but Mother nature will always be here to pick up the pieces and start all over again! Sometimes I wonder if we have been here to this extent of technolgy once before... sucked the life sources from the earth like we are doing now till it all ends and starts again.... I sometimes think this because they say the world has been here for millions plus years but we have only come this far in about 130 yrs with things like the wheel,electric,computers, cameras and flying etc! Something to think about eh!Anxiety been a little naughty today! dont know why..prob money i have none! Bills Rain bills rain! that has been my day! picture is toll bar not far from me!


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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your allotment and glad your house is safe, worrying times down there i bet! hope the weather gets better! this countrys in a bit of a mess at the moment!
Take care