Friday, 11 January 2008

Jamie Oliver on the "Fowl dinners" channel 4 tonight

I have just watched the channel 4 programme on trying to get Britain to go free range which I think is fab... Jamie showed examples of intensive farming and culling and free range farming and humane culling but the difference to the nation is the extent of the price!

He has a contract with Salisbury's for advertising of over 1 million squid (pounds) per year... he can afford to buy this type of meat.... I myself do buy free range eggs at a sting to the budget! so after seeing the programme tonight I went onto the asda web site where I do my shopping and the pound extra what Jamie was talking about was a little more!!!! What do I do ... I don't want to eat this crap! but can i really afford any other!.... All boils down to the government AGAIN! being greedy twats ! The farmers of the cheap chicken ...what I buy ( like the buy 2 for 5.00 etc) only earn 3p per chicken...WHAT IS THE POINT! you could clean the subway toilets and make more money! My hubby thinks Jamie is an absolute hypocrite for taking money from Salisbury's when they support this way of farming!! I really give him a little more ( prob cos I am a woman) for trying and getting the point over! I shall try to choose my meat more selectively.......... but this is just the chicken ... what about the poor Piggy, cow and sheep!.......... would cost a fortune to buy it all free range but I want to! Suppose the other option is to go veggie! But really dont want to do that either ! Any comments welcome!


Anonymous said...

Like you say it's the price! and rich buggas like Oliver can pay it!
I could quite easily go veggie, but the rest of my family would'nt

SarahC♥ said...

OMG - I gave up watching that show after they killed the chicks, just about did me in. I was a weeping mess. I am NEVER going to buy cheap eggs again, nor am i going to buy ANY chicken. I don't eat myself anyway, but thats it for meat in my family. Veges we are. My husband is dieting and only eating rice and veg. I have just informed him i am not buying meat and he kind of growled at me. Crapper.

Coffeecup said...

I agree with everything you said there. I wondered how he can continue to advertise Sainsburys and not look a complete hypocrite, but hey, if people listen to him then that's wonderful. The trouble is we're all so tied into buying at supermarkets they can price as they wish and we are at their mercy. I've always bought free range eggs despite the price and I'm skint, but his magic worked on me. I will never buy intensively farmed chicken ever ever again, and so there goes the ready cooked ones at Tesco, but my family agrees they'd rather go without than put that 'horror' into their mouths and chew it. He and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall might have changed the attitude of the rest of the nation too. Lets hope so.

Rach x said...

Absolutly........ well we have checked our budget...hubby stopped smoking so we are gonna go free range and organic on our meat now... so thanks jamie! x