Sunday, 20 January 2008

We all have a need to be we?

Had a lovely lovely weekend with freinds and family...felt ok with my anxiety but it's always there in the back ground! only had a few flutters etc.... Had a lodger with us too, one of Pauls freinds became homeless so he slept on the settee.... bless him ..he is ok now and back with his family.. so it was nice to help someone else! In fact I have been helping freinds all wk end too... but I do like it when im needed...we all have the need to be needed don't we! But saying that sometimes it does your head in LOL
Photo is a little bird libby found and cared for until it was well when she was about 7yrs old! I feel like this little bird at times!

Tomorrow I am having 3 new windows in from the council...thank God..after 10 yrs of i might take a little photo 2 mo...Lib has been out all wk end and she has been a good girl, growing up alot.... speak 2 mo guys!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend Rach, i think we deserve one now and again!
Take care
Gary xx