Monday, 28 January 2008

Refresh youself in natures gift : Morning dew

I was reading an old herbal book one day looking for cures for my anxiety when I came across a piece telling you to get up early in the morning and choose a clean bit of grass, take off your shoes to your bare feet and walk the morning dew until your feet are totally immersed in natures remedy. Apparently dew has properties you wouldn't believe..... so one day I tried it...and guess is the most refreshing and cleansing experience ever...... but I haven't done it for a long time. Then today whilst having a Google I came across this :
Barefoot walk on dew- it is a perfect method for refreshing, reinvigorating and strengthening human body. One morning, go to a place with clean grass (no splinters, thistles, etc.), take off our shoes and walk barefoot into the dew, for a few minutes. Without wiping off our feet, put on our shoes and take a few more steps or a short walk, to make our blood work well. In the beginning, the walk should last for only 2-3 minutes, but as time goes by, any walk should last longer - not more than 15 minutes, or else we risk to get cold. The perfect moment to do that, is at dawn. It is a perfect remedy for strengthening our body; it becomes more resisting to cold, infections of the kidneys, genitals or bladder disease. It is helpful to clear out emotions and negative thoughts and improve mind peace and produces energy.It is perfect in case of: chronic urinary and kidney disturbance (nephritis, cystitis, and urethritis), blood circulation through feet, infectious dermatitis, diseases caused by sedentary life, proclivity for bronchitis or lung disease, inaptness, asthenia, fatness, psychical stress and tiredness, neurosis, etc
Also this:
Face and hand wash- wash every morning, little before dawn.- rub your hands against clean grass, like you were washing your hands with water. Then, wash both face and hands with dew. In the end, do not wipe them off, but let them dry out into the sun. Do it daily although once would suffice. It is moreover a symbolic gesture. It is a perfect remedy against:- skin damage;- headaches (wash your face, front head and nape, 3 days in a row);- refreshes skin - complexion is shinier if washed with dew; collect the dew two days before Full Moon;- eye pains;- skin damage and wounds;
Rolling into wet grass (dew wet)It is a well-known custom. Animals do it all the time. The grass should be clean, without any splinters or thistles. Dress up into a bathing suit, lay back-down and roll over so that you should get wet all over the body. In the beginning, the exercise should last for only 2-3 minutes (the maximum time is 5 minutes). After you roll over, get dressed with clean clothes (natural cloth) and do not wipe with towel. Then do some jogging exercise to warm your body. It is a perfect remedy. It is mainly recommended in case of skin damage, such as:- psoriasis, epithelium, allergy, and serious dermatosis;- waist line pains (sciatica and lumbar sciatica), kidney and bladder problems (nephritis, pyelo-nephritis, and cistitis);- salpingitis;- chronic rheumatism, muscle pains;- different nervous problems;- psychical and physical asthenia;- sedentary life, appetite disturbance;- slow digestion
Well guys I might just give it a go.... don't know about the rolling bit as I might just meet a Mr. Brown in my garden with 3 doggies in it! But will def try the feet again!


Anonymous said...

Its horrible getting woke up in the night!
Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight Rach!
Interesting about the grass! i dont think it would do owt for me, as i hate getting all messed up, probably make me worse! lol xxx

Coffeecup said...

Alan Titchmarsh (national treasure) claimed that walking barefoot on just plain old grass has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure so there's summat in it. Maybe it's being in touch with nature too? When we're properly ill we always yearn to get outside and look at the sky and feel the breeze, perhaps it's instinct? Would love to try it but fear my feet will be ripped to pieces on the gravel here, pity, it sounds lovely all the same. Thanks for sharing x