Saturday, 12 January 2008

Anxiety been the best since may 07

Hi there peeps... how are you all jolly and welltoday... I have had a better ( even better than yesterday!) day.... I am trying to accept the fact that I have a sensitive heart and any upset just triggers it to go a little dizzy... I know when my body has had a few months of relaxation and chilling everything will go back to normal!..........i bloody hope!!!.......... anyhow had a chilled out day..went down to my local shops with my trusty little bike and its little basket on the front for my sundries!.....tonight i did indulge in a little Chinese! then the rest of the night me and paul have been watching you tube.... I never realized how good that website is... you get get almost any song you want.. so I have been putting all my best loved Irish tunes in and watching the videos! found a fab song but I am gonna tell you about it It is rather political and you will be too bored ... so until then guys! Thanks for supporting me in reading my waffle! But I am enjoying reading everyone Else's! Nan nights!

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Anonymous said...

Thats the spirit!
It's good to chill out and relax and do anything you wanna do!
I agree about youtube!