Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dads family search on you tube

Hi I ain't got a lot to say today...I have been shopping to Morrisons ... forced to do so as had trouble with my bank card... Hectic...hated it... any how Libby been poorly off school as she was pukin in the nite.... .
Dad came and did a plea for his family on you tube ... here is the link
if any one have any info please contact us
also below
Anxiety been not too bad today... apart from the shopping from Satan experience... was soooo packed.. hardly a car space.. but I did it! And to add I bought a free range corn fed chicken.... comes from hay barns and they have balls and toys to play with ...cost me £5.30 but hopefully worth it!


Anonymous said...

The evil supermarkets! We did ours online today.
I hope your dad finds his family!
Take Care
Gary xxx

Robert said...

Hi there Rachael!

I'm enjoying your blog. I'm an Irish music fan too, but then I would be, being Irish (and a musician)!

I just saw the Jamie Oliver programme tonight for the first time. I'm glad that I don't buy cheap chicken as a rule, but I'm going to be even more careful now. And processed chicken is barred from now on.

Good luck to your dad!

Rachel's Diary said...

Hi there.... thank you for your kind comments.. I love the fct folks are reading me little thoughts.. I am half Irish.. mother is from West Meath a little place near Moat.. I have loved Irish music since being a babe .. but as I have grown older hubby has joined in too..we both play the good old Irish drum..and my fav' artist by far is Christy Moore..when he sings its as if you know the the Dubliners ..seen em several times ( and give all them old beards a kiss..LOL) Luke Kelly was amazing..shame he left us. Once again Thanks hope u keep reading xxxx