Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Panic attack again in night~Rescue Me!


3.17am on the dot... body leaps up and heart pounding...body shaking...took me rescue rememdy http://www.nutrisun.co.uk/bsearch.asp?action=search&whichoption=letter&brandq=rescue%20remedy&WhichLetter=R&gclid=CJv8u9mS-JACFQ5lQgodWz_F1w buy it here...its fab..... didnt last as long... i laid near my window with it open and just breathed and I was ok... ! I really think I am having the night panics due to me feeling better in the day.... Its a release of stress hormone in the body which makes this happen... I feel its my body doing what it is used to doing!...it will go away it always does!


Anonymous said...

I have some of this stuff, i think it does work.
Ive got the Rock Rose for panic and terror and the normal stuff when i just feel a bit nervy!
You sound like your a bit up and down like me Rach! xx

fungalena said...

If you saw how ugly I am you would understand why I am agoraphobiac .......... http://fungalena.blogspot.com

Rachel's Diary said...

Yeah I am... its awful...cos i am a very bubbly person so when im flutter/palp free im great... but when they start im so down ... x

Anonymous said...

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