Wednesday, 30 January 2008

NEED TO GO ON A DIET.... but dont want to!

Its so hard you know when you like your snap..... I have been brought up with good food with Mother being Irish and all that.... I have battled with my weight for so many yrs I have gone up and down and round and rounder!!! LOL... but when it comes down to it I am quite happy but do get scared of the health problems looming.... When I get anxious I bloody eat...well sometimes my appetite goes but I do just love wonderful..I think God did put the old cocoa bean on the earth for woman only! It really hits the spot at times. I mean I ain't a great big fat git but I am overweight, hubby loves me when I'm fat or thinner ( never been thin)! I just wish I could get some inspiration from somewhere to make me do it... I go through fazes of diets and say to EVERYONE!!!! I'm gonna do it this time... I can feel it in me bones... they ll just stare at me with that smirk on thier faces! .. you know .. the one that says ,yeah rite rach LOL!!! SO I am hoping that this yr brings some divine intervention or a bloody miracle to inspire me to do it! Isn't life a git...why cant we crave salads and veg..... I do actually eat very very well and healthy just with the odd daily blip!!!!! LOL which is the prob!
Oh well if anyone has any tips please let me know as I am fed up with being Bonny! I want to be stunning (LOL)
Anxiety been fine until tonight... got the tight chest again... have slept ok for a couple of nights due to Nytol..... and I have also got me springys back now... me curly wurlys! no longer straight.

Nan nights xxxx


fungalena said...

Pleeeeeze.....Why don't you just be an affiliate for NYTOL and get PAID for goodness sake woman. Chromium...chromium staves off sugar cravings. Its found in lots of things - Chicken..Brocoli (spelt it wrong avnt I?) NUTS - yeh its found in NUTS...quite high dose me finks....ESPECIALLY Brazils coated in thick lucious strong dark yummy mummy chocolate........oh soz Rache... got carried away....ah.. have I INSPIRED you???????? lol

Hey I been to Docs 4 the FIRST time in ages and they diagnosed me with a new disease......CRATITIS. Its HIGHLY contageous. Beware of going near CRATES. na nite - luvya...ur norty norty sissy wissy - alena

Anonymous said...

Eat and be happy Rach!! you sound like you eat sensibly, and your husband loves you whatever, so whats the point of being miserable with all this slimming nonsense! thats what i tell my wife, some people can eat loads and not put any weight on! it's just whats meant to be, it's our metabolism! i do know though a womans never happy with the way they look!
be happy Rach

take care
Gary xxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

ok i will lol thanks hun xxxx

Simon said...

Hi Rachel. As long as you're eating healthily and getting some exercise (and you do not have any other significant risk factors) stay as you are! Most of us would like a different shape/looks but we are who we are and our family and friends know us that way and love us just the same.
Don't add more stress and anxiety trying to lose weight; research shows that stressed people put weight on no matter what!
Stay calm, keep happy and enjoy the life and body you have.
BTW, which Nytol are you using, the herbal or the antihistamine? - just interested...
I regularly use a relaxation CD by Glen Harrold. His stuff is so much better than Paul McKenna's mid atlantic drawl. You can get his stuff on Amazon. He uses subliminal messages. There's no quick fix and you need regular top ups but I have found them to be extremely good despite the rather naff music. He has a strong cockney accent but this sounds much more reassuring and empathic than other CDs I've listened to.
Ialso use Passiflora tabs (4) and make passiflora tea from the bog standard climber that grows in the garden - brill!
If your anxiety occurs mainly at night then you may need to reflect on what's happening over the day and 'file' those worries away. Won't bore you with much more but just Google 'Guatamalan Worry Doll'. If you don't find anything let me know and I'll explain.


Rachel's Diary said...

Hi Simon Thank you so much for your advice ..was a lovely suprise... as for the 'Guatamalan Worry Doll'i have four sets in thw house.... i did the telling each one my probs and under me you have a blog by the way? I have the herbel nytol as i darn't take any other.
Thanks once again Rach x PS Do you know Neil? I think I might know who you are now LOL xx

Simon said...

4 sets eh! Obviously you've got the teenage ones that won't listen - the buggers!
I don't have a blog yet but I'm thinking about it...and yes, I know Neil. He lives up to your description. You're very