Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Isn't it a great saying eh! What would I do without my friends... I have some fab mates, from all walks of life...and I mean ALL!! from aristocratic lunatics to homeless and desperate folk... ! We have a very open home and have between 4-20 visitors a day... they get watered and fed and listened to... I can honestly say I would be a lot worse with my anxiety without these folks in my life.. being the local Avon lady does help! Sometimes it takes me 3 hours to deliver the Avon to 3 houses due to having a good old chin wag!

I started the Avon in November, I made myself do it as I was at the point in my anxiety where I couldn't walk about & around the streets....it really has helped me... I only sell round a couple of streets... I hardly make any money as I spend it in the catalogue! but the therapy has been well worth it!

Piccy is my mate Neil... don't know what I would do without him, I love him to bits, he's a pain in the ass at times but hey so am I..we do have the most fab thing in common ...we both make each other laugh! to the point of crying at times! and share the same warped sense of humour! which helps!

Anxiety level been good... had a bit of a bike ride today... went to allotments to see the flood damage...water is all gone for now...more rain due!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Rach! thats a few visitors you have! that will help the Anxiety, anything that helps is good!

take care