Saturday, 26 January 2008

Every one wants a piece of me!!!!!!

Gosh... what a demanding day!

9.00am : woke up to find the bath I had put on eBay for a friend of a friend had sold and buyer was kicking a fuss up cos she wanted it delivering so was doing phone calls till

10.00 : stumbled to kitchen to see pots and washing up to be done from night before and muddy paws prints from doggies on floor, realized had invited the parents and in laws for tea ( Mother in laws B day)
10.20 : Noticed the electric was about to run out and needed to put money in the meter!
10.21 LOL : noticed I had no money to get the electric to put in the meter to cook the tea for the parents and inlaws.
10.30: Went groveling to sister with sob story and she lent me a tenner till pay day Mon ! PHEW
10.45: Went to the shops on me bike crapping me self cos I was on me own! But did it...everyone stopped me and wanted to chat... I was stood freezing outside of every shop listening about stuff from divorces to the old biddy down the road that just pegged it!... I TRY to show interest... must work cos they keep talking..... I have one of those faces ! I always get the village idiot on the bus sitting nr me!
11.45: Remembered need to bake a cake for the tea.......
11.46: Realized I had no eggs to bake the cake
11.47: Back on bike to Friends who has chickens to buy eggs with me last £1.40 as I wont buy from the shop because of Jamie Bloody Oliver who at this point I could poke in the eyes!
11.55: Realized I promised a friend I would pop round to her husband who has just come out of hospital to make sure he is ok as he is still unwell
11.56: I ring him, he is fine...
11.57: I txt her to say wont be going and he is ok
11.57: cross txt,s .. she txts me and says thanks for going to see him I am grateful!!!!!
11.58: rings her to say we just crossed txts ... she is fine wiv it all ! Phew...send libby round with scones!
12.00...... Cook!!!! Clean ....Bake!!! with the help of a Friends 10 yr old who I promise 3.00 on Monday when I get paid..... so that's 13.00 I owe back!
5.00: Bids come for tea and eat morsals..... so I eat more cake than should!
6.00: Mother's brought her rollers and asks me to set her hair...... But!!! Can I wash it first!
6.33: Me child pops in ...ain't seen her properly for 2 days and asks for 1.oo .. she knows I aint got no money till Monday so both Grandmas dig into thier little purses and she gets 2.00 ( thats what she was aiming for)
9.00pm: Paul asks me to make him a cup of tea
9.00 1/2: I tell him to pee off !
Anxiety been ok as I have not had much time to think about it!
Tommorrow is MY day!!!!!!!!!!! never mind God's!!!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic post Rach!
It got me feeling dizzy lol!
You really had a busy day!
Sometimes it does you good though, keeps your mind busy as well!

Take care
Gary xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

thought it would make u smile.... feeling silly tonight and no ones awake! Only lunatics like us! xxxx

fungalena said...

Ayup Rache - back from town now - I remember that DEW thing form years ago when I started with the new HERB LIFE - can u remember? n you bring all herb books 2 me house and me runnin backwards n forward 2 Potter Street Hebalist Worksop to find herbs to get rid of me lump.....wierd days...... Poor lad with 1/2 a knee. Can you remember Joan Hamilton, me next door neighbour? Well she asked me to pick er up from Rock house once in Tickhill and her lad wanted to come for the ride or summat. Well he went HEADLONG into our wall and almost took his kneecap off. It looked like 2 meat n veg. I think I took him to MY FAVOURITE HOPSPITAL...BASSETLAW !!!!!! (Soz for the sarcasm... but ur readers prob thrive on it)...Goin now - got blogs to write... lol x x x fleen )

fungalena said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze Rachel - one foto looks like Liz Taylor...Brian sez and other looks like LES ME AND YOU - I REALLY didnt know who it woz ....S C A R R Y stufffffff -..............PS - Think of a name 4 Brians Rubbish business....So far I got THAT BLOKE and BRIANZ.......ta alena x x x x

fungalena said...

Rachel's Diary said...

how about "that git" lol