Friday, 11 January 2008

Had a better day today~ Thank the good lord!

Hi Peeps... Well I have had a better day today... I was determined I was getting out of the house today for def! SO i got out my bike and went to see my freinds.... had lunch out at freinds and spent the rest of the afternoon with my Father (shown above, looks good for 78 eh...hope its hereditary) ....... Realized today that we had no TV licence... Hubby thought i had delt with it... and I thought he had.... so paying it tomo...BUT!!! He would not watch tv ... he actually put a sheet over the tv and unplugged it .... The silly bugga! SO we have been sat looking at eachother all night LOL....well I have been on me lap top.... Paul on his Mario DS! Libby went out in the end! So much for family time together LOL!

Well will catch up 2 mo.... night all.

Had a few flutters this morning but nothing to heavy today!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good night then Rach! lol
I like your website by the way.