Wednesday, 9 January 2008

9th Jan.... what a day...anxiety at a high


Well I was awoken ~ thank goodness with my sister banging on the door this morning...other wise I would have stayed longer than 8am and I needed to get up to go to work ( I say work, its my little cleaning job down the road) I am still getting a lift from my Father in Law as I am still not doing the buses...its not the travelling on the bus that bothers me its the walking down the long private lane on my own when i get off! Then I get a lifthome... I am always ok when I am there but I do enjoy my freinds company and if I felt "Dodgy" she would take me staight home... bless her...........But when I got home this is what happened!
(Bit of back ground to this)
Have a family in my village that has had asbo's and also the council asked people for backing to make statements to get the family out of the house... I came forward to do it as one night last Autum I saw a lad on the street in a ball in his pajamas in the rain crying... he had been beat up by the father and was in a real state.... so I took him home and rang his Mother who said.. can he stay with us for a couple of days till his dad calms down .... I said of course.. we are talking drug dealing family ect... terrible crimes been commited ect so I was taking a risk but felt I needed to do something!
Cut a long story short after he went home the trouble began...we have had the Police at my house over false alligations several times ( which aint been the best thing for my nerves) and just before Christmas the Dad of the foul family tried to run my husband over with our 3 dogs... my husband really gave the guy some abuse..... whe the guy got home he rang the police and told them my hubby had assaulted him and stole his gold chain!.... My hubby got arrested 2 days before christmas but when he got to the station with our solicitor they laughed it out..... we had a week of distress for nothing!! I fact the sargent said my hubby should have hit him!!! LOL.... BUT today I found out this family are at it again, trying to get him arrested again,,,, when Paul tld me this I just went into panic!!
My heart went out of sync......... for about 10 mins...fluttering like mad... then I camled down,, I am so sick of this government being on the side of the crim's! My hubby is a lovely nature man and has a fab reputation in my village! When folk heard he got arrested I had folk knocking on the door saying they would stand up for Paul which I thought was great!
The police really are not doing their job in this country at the moment........ feel like going on a real mission!!!! IF I HAD THE STRENTGH!!!!!



butch said...

Wow Rach! thats a bad day!
I know what you mean about the police, they are an absolute waste of space! we have had problems with our neighbours, its been going on for years, and as soon as you get on to them out come the police taking their side!

Anonymous said...

oh thats me by the way i got a bit mixed up with names and passwords. lol