Thursday, 21 February 2008

Skint! But I shall keep on smilin!!!! LOL!!!!!

I have had the worst two days for ages, tense, stressed, palpitations galore, small panic attack tonight actually until my freind Sharon came round and calmed me right down. I have been thinking "what is doing this?, why am I so stressed" I have figured it out...I am skint! I have a half finished bathroom to do ... a bedroom to decorate and other stuff, not to mention a few new clothes for ones self! ( need not want) and bills coming out of ones rear!....... But I have been here many times before and I always get by, so why get stressed! Its stupid!.... SO will try to chill out 2 mo the best I can...wish the weather would pick up..I might feel better then..still aint got into my garden.. every time I think about going I nesh out..too cold.

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Anonymous said...

Time to chillout, and switch off Rach! these little problems will get sorted out i'm sure, sounds like your having a little blip! the better weather will soon be here! take care of yourself xxx