Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day xx

Had a smashing day...went shopping really early to Tesco (to the massive one) and we were that early there was hardly a soul was fab! Did my shopping really different today... bought NO crap and No processed food I have bought basic ingredients to make everything and then called at me little butchers on the way home for me free range chicken (5.77) and me local Pork from Doncaster... so looking forward to cooking some nice grub this wk...even gonna get me old bread maker out!
BOught some fab Rump steak for dinner, did candle lit dinner for me and Paul and sent Libby out with a pack up LOL to her mates...she didn't mind, in fact she kept going "AW, you have a nice time" Made me laugh! So we did, had stunnin meal if I say so me sen! did a sauce with the juices from the steak and fresh cream and a special mustard, It made it!!
Then had an early night (cough cough!!!!)
So hope all you guys out there had a bit of romance....... cos I did...and got some lovely wraped red tulips from Paul and a nice card!
Anxiety freeness....... most of the day 9.5....tonight 9 .. hope I sleep xxxx


Anonymous said...

Now i'm hungry! Doncaster! not too far from my neck of the woods! small world aint it!
No romance for me tonight! sat ere all alone, apart from Pinochio and Jiminy Cricket(cuddly toys)
Glad you had a good day Rach

take care xxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

Aw bwess... lol @ toys! I was born in doncaster... i live in a village between worksop n doncaster xxx tis small world x

lisa said...

Hi Rachel glad you had a good time i did my Paul his fav stew and heart shaped dumplings a nice fishing touch lol c u soon lisaxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL Lisa Just noticed your comment,,,,heart shaped bloody dumplings ... you soft buga ! Thats ace!